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Why should I use Age Old?

In case you missed it. Let us help you: About Us

What retail stores near me carry Age Old?

This website has a map of retail stores near you. If you cannot find any retail stores near you, you can choose from a list of our online retailers. Feel free to contact your favorite Garden or hydroponic supply store and tell them its time they carry Age Old!

I am a retailer interested in carrying Age old. Now what?

Please feel free to call us and we’ll get you in touch with a distributor that is closest to you.

I want a whole Truck load of Age Old? Can I buy direct from your manufacturing facility? Is there a list of distributors I can choose from?

Depending on your needs and where you are located, we can get you in touch with the right distributor for your area. Check out our locations or click on contact us for further details.

How do I know what Age Old fertilizers and nutrients I need to buy?

This is a very good question. Different plants have different nutritional needs. They can be partial to different chemical elements at different times of their growth cycle. There are major elements like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N-P-K) to name a few. Besides Macro Nutrients, there are micro nutrients that are just as important. Our two core liquids will help any grower get started with great success. They are Age Old Grow and Age Old Bloom. Here’s a little tip for advanced growing success: Know your soil and plants. Know what they need. We’ll do the rest!

Will using Age Old fertilizer affect the quality and taste of the food I grow?

Absolutely. Age Old products are designed to improve the quality of the soil, thus, improving the nutrient uptake by your plants. This will have a positive effect on the quality and taste of the fruits and vegetables you love to grow. Feel free to send us some of that delicious, nutritious food!

Is Age Old safe for my family and pets? Is it dangerous if ingested?

Most ingredients in Age Old products are food grade, but you still do not want to ingest the stuff. Age Old products may cause an upset stomach, depending on how much is consumed. Refer to the individual product SDS for emergency information and if problems persist, call your physician. No matter how thirsty or hungry you are, please don’t consume Age Old fertilizers and plant nutrients. They don’t taste that great. Your soils and plants will find them much more appetizing!

Can I mix Age Old fertilizers and nutrients together for easier applications?

Our products are specifically designed to be mixed together. Please check out our Feeding Schedule to see what we mean. We do not recommend mixing our products with other Brands simply because we do not know their ingredients or quality.

How can I contact you if I have a specific question or concern about Age Old products?

Please feel free to visit our contact us page on the website. We will be happy to help you with any information you may need. We also have product information available on this website. Visit our product page to find out if we have what you’re looking for.

Why not?

While we do maintain natural ingredients of the highest quality, we also add synthetic, inorganic elements to some of our products for optimal plant nutrition and soil fertility. We do not go through the process of certification and have no desire to do so at this time.

Are you certified organic?

We are not certified organic. We are a fertilizer company striving to improve the fertility and healthy microbial populations in soils and other growing mediums. We find the balance between the “Age Old” ways of developing soil fertility and utilizing new technologies makes it possible to incorporate key elemental nutrients for quick absorption and optimal plant growth.

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