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Growing along side you since 1984

From the novice gardener to the expert grower, Age Old produces excellent results.

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  • Ekana Nursery and Landscaping is very pleased to be carrying Age Old Organics!

    Randy Setchell Ekana Nursery and Landscaping
  • My garden is doing amazing thanks to Age Old Organics... Always have loved your products!

    Tyler Dutter
  • We swear by it here in Nevada Country.

    WIlliam Melendy

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    The Smart Garden: Plant with Purpose
    When I began vegetable gardening ten years ago, my fascination and curiosity in learning how to grow as many different plants as possible took control over execution. My first garden was [...]
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  • Kelp Can Help!
    Kelp Can Help!
    The benefits of sea kelp to humans, animals, and plants alike have proven themselves to be self-evident for many years. Kelp thrives in clean, unpolluted ocean waters and acts much like a filter [...]
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    D.I.Y. Potato Barrel
    Potatoes are easily one of the most beloved root crops grown by the home gardener. They consistently produce high yields, are relatively easy to grow, keep well in storage and are enjoyed by the [...]
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