Age Old Organic Dry Blends

Age Old dry blends provide slow release nutrients to help build the fertility and biological activity of the soil. Our granular formulas are slower dissolving, great soil conditioners and a storehouse of energy.

Age Old Dry Grow


(8-4-1 with 1% Calcium)

Grow Formula is higher in nitrogen to provide the soil with sufficient organic slow release nitrogen for bacterial conversion of soil microbes into usable forms. It is an excellent nutrient addition for potting mixes and can be used as a top dressing for gardens and is great for lawns! Contains meat & bone meal, fossil rock minerals, composted poultry manure and blood meal.

Age Old in Full Bloom


(5-10-5 with 1% Calcium)

In Full-Bloom is a natural fast-acting high phosphorous combination. In Full-Bloom will encourage early growth, better fruit set, increase germination rates, help flower and bud formation. Contains Fossil rock minerals, meat & bone meal, composted poultry manure and blood meal.

Age Old Dry Fruit

Fruit Finish

(2-10-20 with 1% Calcium)

Fruit Finish provides needed phosphorus and potash to encourage flowers for continued blooming well into the season. The low nitrogen level coupled with high phosphorous, potash and calcium help build strong root mass, stronger stems, and larger foliage. Trees and bushes produce larger, firmer fruit and nuts when fertilized with Fruit Finish. Ingredients include meal & bone, composted poultry manure, blood meal, bone meal and potassium sulfate.

Age Old Root Rally


A complete blend of Endo-and Ecto-mycorrhizae spores with fossil rock minerals and nutrients. The inoculants provides mycorrhizae life support for trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Applied to the plant’s root system this premium organic blend will reduce transplant shock, encourage root growth, increase water and nutrient uptake.

Age Old Soluble Mycorrhizae


Water Soluble Mycorrhizae bio-treatment for new and existing landscapes. One pound of WSM will treat 100 to 200 gallons of water. WSM can be included in tank mix combinations of Liquid Grow or Fish & Seaweed. It contains a blend of Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizae fungal spores, sea plant extract and humic acid that increases the beneficial bacteria and fungi in the soils. Soak seeds in a WSM solution to enhance rapid germination and root growth.

Compost Tea Instructions

Compost tea made from worm castings can be sprayed on leaves or added to the soil, forming a protective barrier against bad fungi and bacteria.

Compost Tea Instructions

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